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 ETIA answers to sterilisation needs thanks to his package nammed Safesteril®, a combination of Spirajoule® (electrical heating screw conveyor for sterilization) and Frigomix® (flash cooling screw conveyor) in a whole and optimised process.

Safesteril® is perfect for food industries which have to treat spices, cereals, vegetables etc, for any kind of solid or wet divided products such as powders, seeds, flakes, leaves, shapes etc.

When you get Safesteril® you get the whole process with his annexes: steam injection/extraction, fluid injection/extraction, water cooler, steam generator, control cabinet etc.

safesteril® can be adapted to your layout factory thanks to his several configuration possiblities. You can also choose the X2 upgrade: get in first a Safesteril® with one steam sterilization unit and then order a second unit to increase you production capacity.

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